Saturday, February 5, 2011

The People that you run into when you are a Service Dog handler

When partnered with a Service Dog you are never really alone or just a face in the crowd.  Be it running to the grocery store for a quick few items, in a museum or just walking down a city street somehow, someway you be come the "Dog and Human" show for everyone's entertainment.  Some are cute, some not so much, but within the hour you will run into at least 90% of these people:
  • The Announcer - This is typically a very young person who is simply AMAZED that there is a DOG in the store.  Very loudly and to everyone they will proudly point out that there is a DOG and did you SEE it?  If The Announcer is traveling with older siblings, this too can happen -
  • The Policeman: "Dogs aren't allow in stores! Why does she get to?" (normally from a 6-12 yr old boy)
  • The Helpful Clerk who means well, but somehow thinks you are disabled in a different way and always blushes when he/she realizes it
  • The Unhelpful Clerk who gives you dirty looks and refuses or ignores you when you ARE looking for help.
  • The Little Old Lady who wants to reminisce about all the dogs she has had
  • The Older Guy: Talks about a dog he had that looks just like yours.
  • The Younger generation who are so busy texting that they accidentally run into your dog.
  • The Dogs are evil & vicious group which always tend to jump, scream, point or talk loudly that you can't trust any dog. These might be the first to come up to you and ask to pet your dog.  When you say "No" they follow up with "Oh, does he bite?"
  • The Puppy Raiser: Has raised/failed to raise a dog that went on to be a SD, so they totally know about training, inevitably look shocked when "what school are you training him for?" is answered with "he's been trained for me".
  • The Cop-Out: Trained police dogs (or whatever) and so knows dogs, can he pet yours?
  • The Nursing Staff, who on some days (if it's o.k. with the handler) really just need a cuddle.

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  1. I love this post! I have encountered ALL the people you mentioned myself as a guide dog handler! I would also add to your list "the college classmates who constantly tell me how they wiish they could sleep through all their classes like Gilbert."