Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Naked Puppy!!!!

Yeah! Today was bath day.  We are all getting ready for another cross country flight so Spirit had to get all gussied up.  

First there was the bath: "I don't want you to wash my face!"
Then the dry: "Hey!!! Get that thing away from my ear!"
The the clip: "Are you done yet?

After that we hopped out of the tub and he thought he was finished. . .boy was he wrong!

We went to the other end and handed him off to the groomer where she did his - face: "not the lips!" 
his sanitary: "Do I have no privacy?" 
to the feet: "It tickles!!!"

Here he is all nice and clean:

"Really? please lets just leave o.k. mom?"

"Oh there is a yummy trachea involved? Why didn't you say so!"

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