Monday, March 21, 2011

Boys back home

So I've been away for about 4 months now and have gone into complete and total George withdrawal.  Today this picture came to me in my e-mail:

Just look at the perfect space between the eyes to kiss.  Look at it!!!  I've been molesting pitties here in Baltimore for the last week or so hoping to have a lovely between the eye kiss.  The spaces have been too tiny or without the right curve.  George's is perfect.

I was also reminded about how cute Jake was when he was a baby:

He was, but the little traitor left when Ryan did his "dog magic" on him.  At least George still likes to cuddle with me (if not sleep with me anymore).


  1. George is beautiful


  2. he is a doll, daddy was a weimaraner, and the mom was some type of staffie/pit mix. George is 80+ lbs of muscle and wiggle!