Sunday, March 20, 2011

Busy day

So today a friend and I went to the Pet Expo in Chantilly, VA.  Wow! A lot of dogs all in one place.  

I think it is really tough on SDs to work in that kind of environment. Other dogs are peeing everywhere, surprise dog noses in their butts, random people touching them, etc.

So what did I see? Was there anything I had to have? And how did Spirit do?

Today was the second day of busy, but fun, days.  I really should know not to do that.  About 5 minutes from the show Spirit did his car alert (doggie drool on the shoulder), but a just, "Hey mom, prepare for a little one" so I did my first loop through there in a daze.

First off all the bully people.  OMG how cute were all your little block heads!!!!  It could be that I am in sever withdrawal (been without George for 4 months now *sniff* ) or they are just that darned cute!

So we saw the Mutt's Matter Rescue crew and they had Baby J with them. Rescue Ink was there along with Bully PawsThen there was the french bulldogs, english bulldogs, a shepherd groupPuppies everywhere.

I think the hardest working man was the poor guy going around with the mop bucket.  So many dogs scent marking everything.

I ended up getting a soft harness for around the house on bad days.  Looked at some lovely leather goods.

Spirit was in his Spring Suit today:
and got lots of compliments.  Though, as usual, everyone was impressed that he wore shoes.
Things I expected to find and didn't:
  • Reasonably priced martingale collars.  Clara's Collars has them on her website, but didn't bring any because she prefers to make them custom.  I do like her material selections so will probably pick a few up as Christmas gifts.
  • Dog treat holder.  I am looking for one that is either a spring or has magnetic closure.  I cannot work the ones in the drawstring pouches.  My dexterity is just not up to it.
  • 6 - in - 1 leashes.  I was looking to pick one up for my brother.  The only place that had them was the lovely leather store, but I didn't want to spend $50 on a leash.  Sorry Steve, I don't love you that much today!
He did well, though was very happy to get into Sara's car and crash on the way home.  He put up with random dogs being rude, tight aisles, me trying things on (and off) him.  He did tons of bracing work, great counterbalance and alerted me to both fatigue spells (wouldn't do pick up work, but that could be when he tried to pick something up, so other dog would put his nose up Spirit's butt and goose him).  He came home and had a double bowl of food and drank lots of water then cuddled on the couch while I read for a bit.

That's it for today folks.  I am tired and Spirit is pre-heating my bed for sleepy time, so until later. 


  1. Love the suit :)


  2. WoofHoof has a great magnetic closure treat bag. You can order them off their company website or generally has them as well.