Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My dog is such a cheap date

Well, it's been awhile and I was going to write about some of the fun people we bump into, but (like in most of my life) Spirit has decided the topic of tonight.

As a SD user, we have tons of expenses for our dogs, from gear to food we try to get the best for them.  This allows them to be health, work well and keep us sane and going.  That being said, Spirit is a cheap date.

He doesn't ask for much and is quite self entertaining (a lot like my son).  If he doesn't have a toy, he will invent something.  Now there are lots of toys out on the market to "encourage dogs to learn".  These "toys" test your dog's memory, cause and effect skills and problem solving abilities.

Then there are the stuffed toys: You can see what this dog is saying with his eyes, "Free treats for LIFE is not worth having this thing around my neck".  This poor puppy probably has nightmares about orangutans chasing him.  The new craze is the "stuffing free" "semi-stuffed" dog toys. Isn't that half the fun for most dogs?  The disemboweling, stuffing strewn around the house, the elusive squeaker finally removed?

So, wanting to get Spirit a present for being such a good boy, we ventured out to the pet store.  He walked past them, nudged a few of them and looked at me to say "What? None of these work for me".  So off we went to Ross (I needed a new pair of jeans).

There we passed the pet department as we left the changing room.  They had some non-stuffed toys for $6.  There was a Squirrel and a Skunk.  Spirit rolled his eyes up to me and say "Really? Seriously mom I don't need a new toy.  I'm too busy rounding up dirty laundry to take to the basement".  He then looked at the bottom shelf and fell in love (yes there were little hearts in his eyes, I saw them) and he gently plucked this toy off of it's peg.

What did he get? A $2.50 ducky.  Very yellow, just a firm tube really.  He carried it all the way to the front counter, then through the parking lot into the car, from the car, up the steps into the house (he had to put it down for a moment while he got naked) and up on the couch.  Then I realized something horrible.  It not only squeaked it "quacked".

Have you ever heard the Penguin from Batman? It was very disturbing until Spirit provided a lobotomy via crushing it's head repeatedly, thus killing the evil quack.  It is currently very wet and in between his paws right now, with his nose sitting on top of it, making sure it doesn't run away.

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  1. One of Luna's favorite toys came from ross... We got the destuffed tiger with 9 squeakers... sadly it's not built very tuff so it's slowly losing limbs as the two play with it. But she LOVES the type of fur it has, very lax, short hairs... very easy to love nibble. I have thought about getting the other toys with the 16 squeakers but I know they probably wouldn't do a lot with them since they aren't as floppy.. The new favorite toys are the long loofa shaped alligator/beat/dog we got from costco, and surprisingly they have not really ripped yet. I will have to post that video soon. Treats they like are always so much easier to find, toys can be tricky.